Training materials

The aim of the EHES training material is to support European level and national training and to promote the use of standardized methods. The materials have been targeted to

  1. national survey coordinators and trainers in planning, preparation and organization of a national HES, and
  2. training of the national fieldwork staff.

The materials cover the core measurements and other key aspects in the fieldwork. Some core measurements can be carried out with different devices and therefore the training materials include two versions.

The materials can be used both in self-directed independent studies and in training sessions led by a trainer. All material should be used both before the fieldwork is started, and in refresher sessions during the fieldwork. It is recommended that the corresponding chapter in the EHES Manual is read first. The materials are developed to illustrate key aspects. Therefore they do not include all details which can be found in the Manuals.

All these material can be used freely for training purposes, and be translated and adapted to national use. However, it is important to keep in mind that no changes should be made to the measurement techniques, which need to be standardized.

Planning, preparation and administration of a national HES

Standardized measurement protocols and related quality control procedures



Blood pressure


Collection of biological samples


Physical capacity

physical capacity


Videos based on the 1st edition of the EHES Manual are available for

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