EHES Reference Centre

The EHES Reference Centre (RC) is the coordinating centre for the European health examination surveys. For the pilot phase of the EHES, the EHES RC is established jointly by

The EHES RC is funded by the European Commission.

Activities of the EHES RC

The EHES RC will:

  • Develop and publish the EHES Manual
  • Assess the available standards for suggested measurements
  • Provide professional support to the countries planning a national HES
  • Develop the training programme for the EHES system, prepare training material and organize international training seminars
  • Coordinate external quality control and prepare guidelines for and monitor of internal quality control
  • Develop principles and rules for sharing individual-level HES data with research groups
  • Establish a data transfer and management system
  • Plan standardized blood sample storage protocols
  • Develop a system for rapid evaluation and documentation of the success of the standardization
  • Develop a system of rapid reporting of the basic survey results
  • Prepare national manuals together with the national experts