EHES Coordination

EHES Coordinating Centre

The EHES Coordinating Centre (CC) maintains the network for the European health examination surveys, supports capacity building in the Member States on the field of health examination surveys and aims to ensure standaridized, high quality data collection through national health examination surveys. The EHES CC is hosted by the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) from Finland.

The EHES CC activities


Currently, EHES CC does not have permanent personnel. Small scale coordination is maintained by EHES coordinator Hanna Tolonen (see contact information).

capacity building

EHES Network

The EHES network and Coordinating Centre was established during the EHES Pilot Project in 2009-2012. At the time the CC was called the EHES Reference Centre (RC). After the EHES Pilot Project, some of the activities of the EHES CC were continued as a part of EUs BRIDGE Health project in 2015-2017. The EHES activities are linked to several other European and international activities and projects.

Read more about the EHES coordination and European level actions needed to enhance standardization of national health examination surveys in all EU Member States from Tolonen H, Koponen P, and Kuulasmaa K (prepared). Blueprint for actions to enhance the organization of national HESs in the EU Member States.