National HESs conducted between 2000-2017 and known plans for 2018-2022

This is a status of national HESs in EU Member States in September 2017. Information presented here is based on our knowledge on ongoing national HESs and plans in different countries. These are not official statements of the countries. Please inform EHES coordinator about possible errors or changes in the status.

Country National HESs conducted between 2000-2017 Plans for 2018-2022
Austria No surveys. Unknown
Belgium No surveys. 2018 HES in connection to natinal HIS
Bulgaria 2015 National Risk Factor Survey, with few measurements (antropometry and blood pressure). No plans.
Cyprus No surveys. No plans.
Czech Republic 2014-2015 Czech-EHES 2019 combining EHIS and EHES.
Croatia No surveys. No plans.
Denmark 2007-2008 KRAM No plans.
Estonia No surveys. No plans.
Finland 2017 FinHealth study
2011-2012 Health2011, follow-up survey for Health2000-survey
2002, 2007 and 2012 FINRISK study
2000-2001 Health2000

2019 FinChildren Study (HES among children and adolescents)
2022 FinHealth Study (HES among adults)
France 2014-2016 ESTEBAN
2006-2007 ENNS
No plans.
Germany 2014-2016 KiGGS wave 2, HES on children and adolescents and young adults.
2008-2011 DEGS, HES on adults (in English).
HES on adults planned for 2018-2020.
Greece 2013-2014 HYDRIA
2014-2015 National Morbidity and Risk Factor Study (EMENO)
No plans
Hungary No surveys No plans.
Iceland No surveys Unknown
Ireland SLÁN No plans.
Italy 2018-2019 CUORE Project Heath Examination Survey
2008-2012 OEC/HES
Latvia No surveys. No plans.
Lithuania No surveys. No plans.
Luxembourg 2016-2017 ORISCAV-LUX2
2013-2015 EHES-LUX
2007-2008 ORISCAV-LUX
No plans.
Macedonia No surveys. No plans.
Malta 2015-2016 SAHHTEK, main focus on diabetes but includes all EHES core measurements. No plans.
Netherlands 2009-2010 NL de Maat No plans.
Norway No national HES. Several regional HESs have been conducted forming Cohort of Norway. No plans.
Poland 2013-2014 WOBASZ II Possibly, no fixed plans.
Portugal 2015-2016 INSEF Planned for 2020.
Romania Unknown. Unknown.
Slovakia 2011 EHES survey. Unknown.
Slovenia No surveys No plans.
Spain No national HES.
2008-2010 ENRICA study with focus on obesity but including all EHES core measurements.
No plans.
Sweden No national HES. No plans.
Turkey No surveys. Planned for 2015-2017
UK/England Annually conducted Health Survey for England (HSE briefly) Desicion on continuation made until 2019
UK/Scotland Annually conducted Scottish Health Survey. Until 2010 included a nurse visit and all EHES core measurements. Since 2012, interviewer has done anthropometric measurements, measured blood pressure and collected saliva and urine samples. No blood samples.  

See the summary of the contents of the selected national health examination surveys. Country representatives of the EHES are listed here.