Guidelines for health examination surveys

The EHES Manual, 2nd edition (2016)

The EHES Manual is a European level master manual, which describes the European level standards for the national health examination surveys. It provides guidelines and specifies the requirements for the implementation of standardized national health examination surveys (HES) in the European countries. The EHES Manual has three parts:

Part A - Planning and preparation of the survey

Manual A

Part B - Fieldwork procedures

Manual B

Part C - European level collaboration and co-ordination

Manual C

Provides guidelines for the planning and preparation of national health examination surveys. Provides guidelines for the fieldwork procedures of a health examination surveys (HES), including the European standard protocols for the different HES measurements. Some of the measurements are so called "core measurements", which should be included in all national HESs. Considers the principles for European level sharing of the EHES data, the procedures for European level evaluation, analysis and reporting of the national HESs, and the structure for the European level coordination of EHES.

The EHES Manual is maintained by theĀ EHES Coordinating Centre. The EHES manual is unspecific in situations where the national circumstances vary and there is no common procedure which could be reasonably followed in all countries. Each country has to prepare a national HES Manual. The procedures described in the national manual should follow the European standards specified in the EHES Manual. The national manual should be specific also in issues where the EHES manual can only give alternatives or general guidelines.

EHES training materials

The EHES training material is to support European and national level training of the survey coordinators and fieldwork staff. Material is to promote the use of standardized survey methods described in the EHES Manual, and support in planning, organizing and administrating the national health examination survey.

Supporting tools for national surveys

EHES provides programs and tools for survey planning, sampling, and preparating and disseminating the survey results.

Information about the validation results of the automated blood pressure monitoring devices can be found at the web site of the British Hypertension Society.

EHES training seminar

Other recommendations

For some of the additional measurements, not covered by the EHES core measurements and EHES Manual, other international or national guidelines/protocols existis. Some of them are listed here. The EHES CC does not recommend any specific guideline/protocol.

International survey recommendations

Other sources of guidelines and protocols for specific measurements/modules

National level guidelines and protocols

BP device