The EHES Manual

The EHES Manual is a document which has European level

  • recommendations for planning and preparing of the national HES, and
  • standardized measurement protocols for EHES core measurments.

The EHES Manual is based on the recommendations from the Feasibility of a European Health Examination Survey (FEHES) Project. For the EHES Manual, these recommendations are updated and more details are added. The detailed contents of the EHES Manual and current version is available here.


National HES manuals

National HES manuals describe how the EHES standards and recommendations are adapted to the national circumstances. This includes adjusting the recommendations to meet national legislations, cultural norms and infrastructure.

The national manuals are prepared jointly by national experts and the EHES Reference Centre. The intention of the EHES Pilot Project is to prepare a national HES manual for all EU Member States and EFTA/EEA countries.

The detailed contents of the national manuals is available here.