EHES Pilot Project

EHES Pilot survey map

The EHES Pilot Project was conducted in 2009-2012. During the pilot phase, the EHES Coordinating Centre (CC, former Reference Centre) was established, EHES Manuals and training materials were prepared, training seminars were organized, and a pilot survey was conducted in 12 countries.

EHES Pilot Project followed the recommendations of the feasibility study of European HESs (2006-2008), and it was included in the 2009 Work Plan of the EU Health Programme, and funded through a EU Service Contract and a Joint Action.

The EHES Coordinating Centre in the Pilot was established jointly by the national institutes of Finland and Italy and Statistics Norway with financial support from the European Union. This funding ended in April 2012.

In pilot countries, a HES was planned, national protocol based on EHES standards and recommendations were prepared, and a pilot survey was carried out. Pilot surveys were conducted in one or few cities/regions and each pilot survey included at least 200 randomly selected men and women aged 25-64 years. During the survey, a logistics, survey protocols, internal quality assurance and data management and reporting were tested. An external quality assurance was conducted by the EHES CC.

In four of the pilot countries (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and UK/England) a full-size national HES was started before the EHES pilot phase. In these countries, pilot activities were incorporated to the national HES and the main focus was on the evaluation of replacing the nationally used methods with EHES standards and recommendations.

The pilot survey has been carried out in 12 countries in July 2010-May 2011. The brief overview to these pilot surveys is presented in posters (pdf files) below:

Czech Republic Finland Germany
Greece Italy Malta
Netherlands Norway Poland
Portugal Slovakia UK/England

During the pilot phase, an outline of the national HES manual was prepared for all EU Member States and EEA countries.

At the end of the EHES Pilot Project, the EHES Conference (pdf, the proceedings of the conference) was organized on 6-7 March 2012 in Brussels to promote the results of the project.

As a part of the EHES training programme two training seminars were organized (Planning of a national HES, Standardized HES measurements). According the EHES quality assurance process several site visits were conducted (pilot countries visited, pdf). Pilot surveys were evaluated by observating and discussing of survey procedures during site visits and reviewing national HES manuals and evaluation reports.

Laboratory external quality assessment programme was planned and implemented by the biochemical laboratory of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Finland (part of the EHES Coordinating Centre).

EHES brochure (2011) (pdf)

Read more about the EHES Pilot Project from Kuulasmaa K, Tolonen H, Koponen P et al. An overview of the European Health Examination Survey Pilot Joint Action. Arch Public Health 2012; 70(1): 20 (doi:10.1186/0778-7367-70-20)