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The European Health Examination Survey (EHES) is a collaboration to collect nationally representative, high quality health data which are comparable between countries and over time.

  • All countries should cover at least the age group 25-64 years. Extending the age group to people 65+ years is recommended. Also people living in institutions should be included when ever feasible.
  • Sample should be nationally representative probability sample of at least 4000 people.
  • Core measurements, which all countries should at least include, are heigh, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, total and HDL-cholesterol, fasting glucose or HbA1c and questionnaire(s). Countries can include additional measurements based on national needs, interests and resources.
  • Health examination survey (HES) is complementary to health interview survey (HIS) and administrative registers. Together these form a good basis for the haalth monitoring in the countries.

EHES can provide information, not available from other data sources, on key health indicators. This will facilitate evidence-based planning and evaluation of public health policies and actions.

EHES Manual

The EHES Manual had European level recommendations and standardized measurement protocols. It has three parts:

  • Part A: Planning and preparation of survey
  • Part B: Fieldwork procedures
  • Part C: European level collaboration


Training Programme

EHES Training Programme includes

  • online training materials, and
  • European level training seminars.

Training materials include sampling, recruitment of participants, obtaining informed consent, core measurement protocols, and questionnaire adminstration. Also for the planning part some issues about budgeting are included.


EHES Conference

EHES Conference was organized in 6-7 March 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

The aim of the conference was to distribute, present and discuss the results of the EHES Pilot Project.


The EHES pilot project has received funding from the European Commission/DG Sanco. The views expressed here are those of the authors and they do not represent Commission’s official position.


EHES Manual Parts A, B and C, updated version (13 March 2013)
An updated version of the EHES Manual is now available. Read more...

EHES Conference (13 April 2012)
Proceedings of the Conference

EHES leaflet(1 November 2011)
Download the EHES leaflet in pdf-format.


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